Apple to appeal e-book price-fixing ruling

Following the news that Apple has been found guilty of “facilitating and executing” an e-book price-fixing “conspiracy”, it has emerged that Apple plans to appeal the decision.

A spokesman for Apple stated “Apple did not conspire to fix e-book pricing and we will continue to fight against these false accusations” shortly after the verdict was announced. Apple has protested its innocence to the accusations throughout the trial. Despite claims that Apple “didn’t care” what price companies set for content, and the labelling of the case as “bizarre” and founded on evidence that was “ambiguous at ┬ábest”, Judge Cote found sufficient grounds for liability.


Cote’s own disposition towards the trial was highlighted when she claimed that based on evidence she had seen, the Department of Justice would likely prove its case against Apple. It’s quite possible that Apple may seek out this remark in an appeal, which was made rather unprofessionally before the trial began.

With Apple continuing to hold steadfast to its claims of innocence, it’s highly likely that this trial will continue for at least another year.


Via: Apple Insider



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