Apple to adopt IGZO displays across iPads and Macbooks [Rumor]

Reports today are suggesting that Apple may switch to IGZO displays in its Macbooks and iPads as early as next year.

IGZO is short for Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide, these displays allow for much higher resolution because of greater electron mobility. This also means the displays have better reaction times and consume less power.

ipad-retina reports:

According to industry insiders, having decided to apply the IGZO method to displays for MacBook, Apple is talking with LCD panel manufacturers, such as Sharp and LG Display.

It’s rumored that these displays will appear in the Macbook and the iPad in the near future. With news last year suggesting that Sharp was already mass producing the displays for Apple, an implementation in the near future seems more than likely.

The jump from Apple’s earlier displays to Retina was simply phenomenal, but its awesome to think that Apple is still pushing the boundaries of the displays in its most popular products.

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Via: Mac Rumors,, Patently Apple