Apple talks iTunes, iCloud, and retail stores in conference call

Apple-Money-LogoApple, at its quarterly conference call this afternoon, announced a few new numbers aside from the normal sales and revenue numbers. iTunes itself, it was revealed, accounted for $4 billion of the revenue that Apple saw this past quarter, $2.4 billion of that being solely from the App Store. The content side of iTunes that doesn’t include the App Store, however, is doing fairly well also. Over 800,000 TV episodes and 300,000 movies are bought each day. All of those App Store sales are paying out to developers, bringing the total paid up to $11 billion. iCloud accounts are ever increasing, bringing that number up to 320 million.

What about when it comes to services? Well, 900 billion iMessages have been sent by users, 125 billion photos have been uploaded, there are now 240 million Game Center accounts, and an astounding 8 trillion push notifications have been sent to users. Yes, 8,000,000,000,000. That’s a lot of notifications. The App Store is also approaching 1 million applications, as it now sits at over 900,000, with 375,000 having an iPad specific version.

Retail stores got some attention as well, with Apple saying that with 6 new stores the total now sits at 408. It isn’t stopping there though, as 9 new stores are planned for September, and 23 “relocations” are coming in 2013. The revenue from its retails stores, on average, is hitting 10.1 million. How many people visit the stores? 16,000 average per store every week. That’s insane. Overall, while there was a slight dip in profits, the next quarter looks to be a hopeful strong one as new products are coming “this fall.”

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