Apple Status page spoofed by Joy of Tech [Image]

1880Apple has been having its fair share of problems recently, including the major outage of the Developer Center. Well, to poke fun at it all (as it usually does), Joy of Tech has made its own status images or sorts, obviously making fun of Apple’s Developer System Status page that was launched post-hacking. Included in the list (seen above) are things such as “iOS 7 progress” and “Maps” to give it a little bit of a seriousness, however also including others like “NSA access to user info,” “Stock price” and “Still laughing at Microsoft’s attempts at a tablet” to add the needed comedy aspect.

Some of these are just plain hilarious, while some are actually accurate with what they say. Maps is “Getting there” as is the Developer Center. My favorites of the comedic ones include the “Android market share,” “Still laughing at Microsoft’s attempts at a tablet,” and “Sir Jony Ive’s crush on pastel colours.” There are a ton to laugh at on that list though, so check it out for yourself above, and enjoy.

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Via: iDB, AllThingsD

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