Apple iWatch trademark filed for in Japan


Speculation surrounding an Apple branded smart watch has been building for some time. In fact, with Tim Cook himself stating that the company is intensely interested in the wearable tech market and seeing wrist-worn devices as being that sector’s future, it’s clear the company is up to something.

Making the interest even clearer is a revelation this morning from Engadget. The site discovered listings from a variety of companies filing for the ‘iWatch’ trademark in Japan. No big deal, right? Not until you see that one company in particular happens to be based in Infinite Loop, Cupertino and called Apple.

Registration was filed on June 3rd this year.

This latest revelation is the latest in a long line of hints and further adds weight to the argument that our favorite tech company is indeed planning on entering the wearable gadget market. Exactly what the watch will look like and feature is yet to be seen. However, an unusual patent did show up a little while back with plans for a really slim snap-wrap watch.

We’ve also read reports of Apple “rigorously testing” 1.5-inch displays earlier in the year as well as the company registering the trademark in Russia.

For me, the iWatch needs a number of key things to be a success. Firstly: Price. It can’t be hideously expensive, and it needs to come somewhere near matching the Pebble’s price point. It needs something unique to set it apart from the rest of the crowd, and perhaps access to Apple’s cloud services will be just what it needs. It needs Siri control too, making Apple’s digital assistant much more convenient.

And while a 1-day battery life on an iPad or iPhone is great, for a watch it would be a disaster. It needs to survive a week if it wants to become a product which is a blessing and not a curse.

Via: Engadget

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