Apple investigating illegal tin mining in Indonesia

Apple Supplier Responsibility

There are currently concerns over an illegal mining operation of tin in Indonesia, and Apple has updated its “Supplier Responsibility” page to note that it is investigating the issue along with the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC). Below is the new section from Apple’s page describing its action in Indonesia.

Bangka Island, Indonesia, is one of the world’s principal tin-producing regions. Recent concerns about the illegal mining of tin from this region prompted Apple to lead a fact-finding visit to learn more. Using the information we’ve gathered, Apple initiated an EICC working group focused on this issue, and we are helping to fund a new study on mining in the region so we can better understand the situation.

It is good to see that Apple is keeping its commitment to making sure all suppliers are being responsible and ethical with their products. I’m also glad to see that not only has Apple shown concern over the mining, but has actually taken action to investigate and work towards fixing the issue.

Source: MacRumors

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