Apple I signed by the Woz himself goes for $387,750

2013-07-09_12-49-54If you are a classic computer fanatic, you probably are interested in the Apple I; and if you aren’t, you shouldn’t consider yourself a classic computer fanatic, as this helped start the company that would go on to change the face of many industries. An Apple I, of which only around 200 were made (and around 30-50 still remaining), was just sold for $387,750 – and what’s so special about this one? Well, it was signed by one of the two people that helped build it, Steve Wozniak. From the product notes:

One of roughly 200 Apple®-1 computers produced by the fledgling Apple Computer Company starting in 1976. Designed by Steve Wozniak and hand-built in Steve Jobs’s parents’ garage, the Apple-1 was the first step in Apple’s long-term success in the personal computing world.

The Apple-1, originally priced at $666.66 for the motherboard without keyboard, transformer, or video display, was quickly eclipsed by Wozniak’s second creation, the Apple II (released April 1977); Apple actively encouraged Apple I owners to trade-in their machines for the new model, reportedly so they would not have to support the older machines.

This particular unit appears to have been among the first 25 produced since it does not have a diamond NTI logo (the PCB manufacturer) etched into the front copper layer. The ‘serial number’ on the reverse (believed to have been written by the original retailer, the Byte Shop) tends to support this.

The date code on the 6402 processor is ’1576,’ suggesting that particular chip was manufactured in the 15th week of 1976, i.e. early April.

It is a dream of mine to one day own one of these machines, however I know that’s not likely to happen with how much they can be sold for. I can dream though, right? These things are so few and far between, but it seems like one is being sold on an auction every other month or two now, so for those classic computer enthusiasts with the money to get their hands one, it isn’t as hard as it probably would seems. It all just is a matter of “how much”.

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Via: AppAdvice, Christie’s


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