Apple doubles chip orders amidst iPhone 5S rumors

Reports from Taiwanese outlet DigiTimes are this morning suggesting that Apple has significantly increased its chip orders.

Amidst growing rumors of a budget iPhone, an iPhone 5S and a new iPad, the publication suggests that Apple’s Q3 chip orders are more than twice that of Q2. Sources from supply chain partners estimate that chip shipments will grow “significantly”, accounting for 70% of the company’s orders for this year.

Since the turn of the year, Apple’s device sales has remained relatively steady, and so it would appear that the most likely reason for an increased order of this nature would most likely be down to preparation for the release of one or more new products.


In recent days it has been purported that Apple would return to Samsung to supply its chips in 2015. in the meantime, several specifications of the iPhone 5S surfaced alongside production shots. Whilst it’s incredibly difficult to verify any of these rumors, the heightened chatter surrounding Apple’s product pipeline is typical of this time of year. Over the coming weeks expect these rumors and leaks to multiply exponentially. Following a meeting with Apple leadership, one onlooker called for expectation of “an army” of new products this year.

Remember to always treat these rumors with skepticism, but we aware that, as always, something big is headed our way.


Via: DigiTimes


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