Apple begins building Reno iCloud data center

Reno Data Center 1

The data center located in Reno, Nevada is finally under construction. Apple broke ground at the site in March, and according to some spy images taken by AppleInsider, the company is beginning to build its first major structures needed to support the massive data center that will be used for iCloud storage.

Apple announced that it plans to spend $16 million in construction for the site, and the buildings will total up to over 50,000 square feet of space. The company plans to build three new buildings, including a $4.6 million administration building, as well as two separate buildings for data processing. The buildings will be used to help support Apple’sĀ iTunes, iBookstore, App Store and iCloud services. The Reno data center will be Apple’s fourth center in the United States, and will be one of the most eco-friendly data centers in the world, thanks to the massive solar farm that is planned.

To check out the rest of the spy pictures, head on over to the source link below!

Source: AppleInsider


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