Apple assembling crack team to build wearable tech?

According to reports, Apple has started putting together a team specializing in hardware and software based around medical sensors, complete with fitness experts, pointing to the development of an iWatch, or a similar wearable device.

Amidst circulating iWatch rumors, sources close to 9to5 Mac have disclosed information of Apple assembling various experts pointing to a specialization in wearable tech.

According to reports, Bob Mansfield, Kevin Lynch and James foster are some of Apple’s top names working on the iWatch project, they oversee two groups, one focused on software, the other on the hardware and mechanics of the device.Also involved are Hardware Engineering under Dan Riccio, software developers under Craig Federighi, and of course, Sir Jony Ive’s design team.

The project is seemingly huge, with Apple calling in employees from across the board to focus on aspects such as the battery. There are also experts who have been hired from beyond the walls of Cupertino, including workers who specialize in devices which analyze sleep patterns. There are also experts in the medical side of wearable tech, as well as sensor experts, and experts in the field of non-invasive blood monitoring from c8 MediSensors. Rounding off the team is at least one human substance monitoring specialist, along with Dr. Todd Whitehurst, and expert in Bluetooth connected smartphone apps, and fitness expert Jay Blahnik, who was heavily involved in the Nike+Running project and Fuel Band.


Whilst that summary certainly doesn’t include everyone of note in this lineup, the message is very clear. There’s a lot of activity within Apple, and it certainly seems to be geared towards the development of wearable technology. Whether that will come in the form of an iWatch, or a different piece of wearable tech remains to be seen. Yesterday came news that next year will see the sale of 5 million smartwatches, and its highly likely that Apple is seeking to invest in that incredibly lucrative market.

Are you excited by the goings on at Apple? Would you buy an iWatch? Or would you prefer some other form of wearable tech? Leave your comments and thoughts below!


Via: 9to5 Mac

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