Rumor: Apple and SK Telecom in talks over making iPhone 5S compatible with LTE Advanced


While some of us may still be dreaming of the day we get to use 4G LTE, to others it’s already old news. In the States, T-Mobile is planning on being the first to offer LTE-Advanced which offers speeds of up to three times faster than the current 4th generation network technology.

In Korea, carrier SK Telecom offers the network already is allegedly already in talks to include the LTE-A compatible radio chipset in the next iPhone. An unnamed chief from the carrier spoke to Korea Times and revealed that “SK Telecom is approaching Apple to put our LTE-A technology on the upcoming iPhone 5S. We are in the middle of negotiations.”

It’s highly unlikely that Apple will employ this technology for the sake of one or two carriers in countries where the iPhone isn’t as popular as other manufacturers. Particularly in the homeland of Samsung and LG. Looking back at how long it took 4G to arrive, until LTE-A is widespread, I can’t see this happening.

Via: iDB
Source: Korea Times

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