App Store still leading in revenue, but drops behind Play Store in downloads

1Google’s Play Store has been on the rise in terms of application downloads – over-saturating the market will do that for you – but in terms of revenue, Mountain View is still lagging behind Cupertino. As you can see above, the App Store is represented by the light blue and Google Play by the red, and Google Play barely is beating out Apple’s App Store in the secant of App Downloads, however the chart right next to it shows that App Revenue is still being won by Apple by a long shot.

According to the most recent numbers, Google Play bests the App Store for total number of apps as well, however if you look at tablet apps, there’s no comparison. The iPad has 375,000 tablet optimized apps, while I don’t even remember Google giving out a number. So while it is quite obvious why Google has taken the lead in the download numbers department, to me it is also obvious why app revenue is still lead by Apple. Time and time again, it’s always been said that Apple users are more willing to pay more for applications than their Android counterparts. This still holds true it looks like.

What do you think? Do these surprise you at all? Which side of this fence are you on? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: AppAnnie


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