Angry Birds Star Wars 2 hands-on – complete with Hasbro Telepods

Rovio has demoed its latest Angry Birds title, Angry Birds Star Wars 2 at Comic-Con 2013, revealing more than 30 playable characters and compatibility with Hasbro’s Telepod system.

You’ll most likely know Telepods from Skylanders, the concept allows users to quickly switch up in-game characters to gain access to different powers. The system works by placing the plastic character on a stand over the iPad’s camera, which can recognize characters after just a couple of seconds. With the game due for release for iOS and Android on September 19, the Telepods will be available shortly beforehand, retailing at around $20.


Alongside this fantastic new feature is various in-game improvements, including the choice to play on the Dark Side, two player coop, and up to 4 player multiplayer.


For a full range of pictures and video, check out Engadget here!

Via: Engadget


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