Analysts expecting zero year-on-year growth for Apple in Q3

A Fortune report is suggesting that most analysts are expecting Apple to post near-zero year-on-year growth on July 23, when it reveals its Q3 earnings.

The news comes just one day after Apple reported its Q2 earnings of $43.6 billion, up from last year’s $39.2 billion.


Despite these phenomenally impressive figures, analysts are predicting that Apple’s next earnings call in Q3 will not yield any growth over the previous year. In contrast, Fortune’s own panel is predicting growth of just over 3%, around $1 billion. Such a slow down in earnings is pretty reflective of Apple’s usual drop in earnings through the middle of the year, which is always relatively quiet. Customers are either holding out for products which are just around the corner, or they’re content with the product they bought at the start of the year.

That being said, zero year-on-year growth isn’t the worst thing that could happen to Apple, I’m sure a quarterly turnover of more than $30 billion will do Tim Cook and the rest of the guys just nicely.

It’s also very important to remember that in terms of reality, most analysts don’t really know what’s occuring. Rumors and tips will only get you so far with a company as secretive as Apple.

You won’t find yourself missing out too much if you fail to pay heed to this sort of speculation and prediction.


Via: 9to5 Mac

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    This article telling investors do not believe in analysts?. But the hedge funds managers have the power to control AAPL shares.

  • CuliCula

    Amazingly, people’re riding into every single words which coming from Analysts stinky mouths.