Yet more crazy rumors: iPhone 5S to be available in gold and ‘budget iPhone’ colors inspired by Apple’s Bumper


It’s hard to know exactly where to start with this next rumor, or set of rumors. But they all come from one source: Macotakara. The Japanese Apple blog has something of a patchy reputation when it comes to accurately predicting Cupertino’s next moves. Its ‘reliable’ sources haven’t exactly got a spotless record.

Today, the blog is back with some new ‘intelligence’ on Apple’s next moves. Apparently, the color choices for the upcoming budget iPhone match those of the pallet used to design the iPhone 4 bumpers: white, pink, black, blue and orange. There were hints of a (PRODUCT)RED version too, but we’ll ignore that since even the source claimed he wasn’t sure if it was happening.

If Apple does release a new, cheaper iPhone for the emerging markets I wouldn’t be surprised if there were more than two colors. I’m fine with that. However, to claim inspiration from the one accessory that reminds Apple of its biggest engineering failure (Antennagate) since the iPhone was born is a little out there. To say the least.

The same site also claims the internal components and parts are already being shipped to Apple’s assembly lines in China, and in massive numbers. If true, the product launch could be very close. If it’s happening at all.

Perhaps the most unlikely rumor in the collection was the one regarding Apple’s next flagship smartphone: the iPhone 5S. If we’re to believe the Japanese blog’s sources, the iPhone 5S will be available in gold?! I couldn’t think of anything less Apple than a gold phone. Even Samsung stopped adorning its handsets with gold trimmings after the less-than-successful Giorgio Armani phone.

If I was to offer any guidance on these rumors, I would throw them all out without any thought. I think a budget iPhone is coming – not for us in the West, but for emerging markets where even the iPhone 4 is still to expensive for the average consumer. Will it come in lots of colors? Possibly. A gold iPhone 5S? No.

Via: Macotakara

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  • dusty1022

    just like everyone should start doing… don’t read the rumors, and focus on whats already out.  Nobody is ever pleased with whats already offered at Apple.  I think everyone gets more excited on whats next in line then whats already out on the market.  Just think once the next one is out whenever that may be…. then the blogs and rumor sites will be blowing up with what is next to come haha… people need to stop and just relax with the nonsense crap.  They didn’t announce anything, just deal with that and move on and wait like everyone should be doing.