Yahoo! Sports for iOS gets new UI: now available on iPad

Yahoo! Sports has released a brand new app update bringing a refreshed design and support for iPad.

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Version 4.0 brings a fresh, clean design which should really improve navigation around the app. The user interface apparently heralds a “new era”, reflective of Yahoo!’s renewed push towards the internet presence it once enjoyed. The second major announcement is that Yahoo! Sports is now available in full 9.7 inch/7.9 inch iOS goodness on the iPad.

Alongside these two major changes comes a few really nice updates to the app. Now, Yahoo! Sports allows you to login to your Yahoo! account, syncing your favourite sports teams across mobile apps and the web to bring you up to date news on all your favourite teams wherever you are.

There’s also a “Live Games” features, which brings you live information across all the supported leagues. This features turns the app into a fantastic place to gather live, play-by-play commentary on game day. Alongside this is a feature called Game tweets, which brings you live tweets from writers, and team experts, providing you with a wealth of expert analysis on any given game.

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A new update aimed at baseball, Pitch by pitch brings you totally up to date ball game information with every toss of the ball.

Yahoo! Sports is available universally on iOS for free now! App Store


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