What we’ve learned about the iPhone 5S from iOS 7


While nothing can be certain, there will always be rumors floating around about what Apple has in store for its next iPhone, most likely dubbed the “iPhone 5S”. However, the folks over at CNET have picked out four things from iOS 7 that point to what we can expect from the iPhone 5S.

First, we can expect a better camera. This upgrade comes as no surprise, however. The 4S dramatically improved the image quality over the 4, and I expect this to continue from the iPhone 5 to 5S. However, this is also hinted in iOS 7 because the new operating system supports up to 60fps video, while 30fps is the current expected rate. In addition, it is also rumored that the OS supports up to 60 images for each second you hold down the shutter button in burst mode, allowing for many more photos to be taken in a short time.

Second, iOS 7 has support for a new sensor that is not currently found in iOS devices: an inclinometer. This new sensor would capture slope and elevation. While this could be an actual new sensor, it is also possible that this data can be captured from the current iPhone 5 sensors. Hopefully, however, this is for a real sensor, pointing to changes in hardware.

Third, expect a change in the iPhone’s silent switch. The on-screen switches contain new, shorter sliders, and this could point to a new mute switch, similar to the one found on the iPad mini, which is short and cylindrical.

Finally, and this could be a bummer to many, do not expect NFC to be in the next iPhone. While Passbook seemed like the perfect time for Apple to announce NFC, it didn’t happen, and with the announcement of AirDrop during yesterday’s WWDC keynote, it is making NFC seem incredibly unlikely. Apple is betting on WiFi data transfer becoming standard, and with that, the hope for NFC dies. Apple even made a joke about NFC during the keynote, basically saying that the need to touch your device to another is useless if you can do it touch-free.

What do you think about these new things to expect in the iPhone 5S? Are you still hoping for NFC? Do you hope that any of these are true? Anything else you’re hoping for, like more color options? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: CNET

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  • AdrianAcevedo

    I don’t care for NFC at all

  • Dwinbush2

    A wide screen is all I want out of the iPhone 5S. If you changing the camera I would think an change in size would help battery and camera life.

  • 559yovani

    a better home button that doesnt messes up and wide angle front and back camera . A quad core to make the new ios” buttery smooth “

  • pld940

    I thought they were making fun of Bump, not NFC, but it could be both. I would MUCH prefer wifi/cellular/over the air data transfer rather than NFC.