Video: Apple’s apps can be used to change lives

The video above posted by Apple is a video used to show that apps built for the company’s platforms can be used for much more than just playing games or checking news on your iPhone. The over 9-minute video uses real life examples of how apps on iPads and iPhones, such as SkyScape, can be used to improve lives throughout many fields, including the medical field.

This is a much different approach to videos for the company, as Apple usually focuses on the consumer satisfaction with products, rather than the impact a product or app can have. At one point, a person in the video, claims that the iPad is much more than a consumer device. “It’s a doctor. It’s a nurse. It’s a public health officer. In my bag.” This video shows us that the iPad is built for a more meaningful purpose rather than the way I use it, which is for playing games and surfing the internet on my couch. It shows that the devices we take for granted every day are being used around the world to improve and save lives. Be sure to check out the video, which is posted above.

Source: TechCrunch

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