Top 5 Stories This Week: iOS 7 first looks, bug reporting and more…

top 5 stories

It’s probably no surprise to see that this week’s iOS news completely taken up by iOS 7. Apple’s new operating system for iPhone caused a huge stir, so much so that many of us even forgot that E3 and the first glimpse at the PS4 console was going on too. On Monday, Apple’s executives showed us the future of iOS, and that future looks very bright (and colorful).

Here are this week’s biggest stories, as usual the headlines link back to the original articles.

1. iOS 7 Bug Reporting

With any beta release software comes a long list of issues. It’s to be expected, it is a pre-release test software after all. When we reported on the handful of bugs we noticed, we weren’t expecting the influx of reports coming through from so many users. Join in, and let us know anything you’re struggling with.

2. What we’ve learned about the iPhone 5S from iOS 7

The next iPhone is almost certainly going to be the iPhone 5S, and so we already know what the design is going to look like. However, there are a few tell-tale signs within iOS 7 as to what we can expect from the next generation smartphone.

3. Three days with iOS 7…

This was my early review of the beta software. After 3 days there are features and design elements I really love and others that I don’t.

4. iOS 7: First Looks and Hands On

Jake shot his first impressions of iOS 7 the day it landed, and was discovering everything as he was shooting. Take a look and let us know what you think of the brand new OS.

5. iOS 7 design will probably change before public release

Finally, and thankfully, there’s every chance that some parts of the design could still change as the first beta is nothing like a dead certainty. What would you like to see changed?


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