Top 5 Stories This Week: BBM for iPhone, iOS 7 on iPad, leaks and more…

top 5 stories

It’s already the weekend and we take the opportunity – as we do every week – to look back at the most popular articles of the past seven days. With no concepts in sight, this week has been dominated by news of iOS 7’s second beta arriving plus a few more interesting topics. (As always, headlines are links to the original articles.)

1.iOS 7 on iPad first looks [VID]

This week’s biggest story by far was the arrival of iOS 7 beta 2 which – for the first time – made the software available to beta users with iPads. In true TiP style, Jake gets his hands on it and gives an overview of the OS working on an iPad.

2.CEO Thorsten Heins: BBM for iPhone will land “before the end of summer”

We’ve known for a little while now that BBM will be spreading its roots across platforms, but we weren’t sure when exactly it was going to land. Earlier rumors pointed towards a June 27th launch, but that came and went with no arrival of BlackBerry’s biggest asset on the App Store. Thorsten Heins confirmed that it is still coming, but not right now.

3.Photo from inside the iPhone 5S production line

Leaked images of the iPhone 5S have been dropping in steadily over the past few weeks, and a couple have seemingly been snapped inside one of the manufacturing plants.

4.What’s new in iOS 7 beta 2? [Developing Article]

The fun part of new betas arriving is checking out what Apple’s changed between versions of the OS. So, we noted down everything we spotted and grabbed some of your noticed changes too.

5.Devices and Accessories I couldn’t live without

Finally, I’d been meaning to write up this article for a while and got around to it a couple of days back. I see dozens of accessories fly through my office, but which ones make their way in to my daily grind? I take a look at some gadgets I just couldn’t do without.


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