Tablet market now focused on 7-inch models

iPad mini feature

Tablets have changed the way we do almost anything. The introduction of the iPad has allowed users to switch their focus from needing a computer for surfing the internet and a phone to play a game, and has combined the best of both and has unified the best features from both computers and smartphones. However, because of the original iPad, large tablets have dominated the tablet market since the market was relevant. But, due to Apple’s introduction of the iPad mini, and the growth of other tablets such as the Kindle Fire, the market has shifted.

According to research firm DisplaySearch, smaller tablets are now driving the market. “LCD tablet PC panel shipments reached 27 million units in March… primarily driven by 7-inch panels, which accounted for 48% of total tablet PC panel shipments.” This is a much different story than before the iPad mini, when larger tablets completely dominated the market. The firm also notes that the introduction of really cheap tablets from lesser known brands, which can sell for as little as $70, have made tablets more popular because of their accessability for anyone and any price point.

What do you think is the best size for a tablet? Do you prefer the original iPad size, or the iPad mini? Or do you still prefer a good old laptop for things like that? Drop a comment below!

Source: BGR

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  • rexalbel

    I like the original size, the small one is too small for me, feels more like a giant smartphone. Since most phones are reaching 5 inches now, I feel like small tablets aren’t enough of a difference to justify purchasing. Many of the 7 inch android tablets even use the smartphone interface instead of the tablet one. I do understand people like the mobility of the small tablet but to me, that’s what a smartphone is for. When I want something bigger, I bring a back pack or messenger bag with my ipad. I have never felt inconvenienced. when I want my ipad around, I have it. Of course this is just my opinion. I am sure others can justify a smaller tablet. I just can’t and hope they don’t overtake large tablets and make them extinct.