Steve Jobs didn’t want to enter “iBooks” market


Apple’s iPad is seen as many diffent items in the market. It is a tablet, a gaming device, and an e-book reader. However, according to Apple’s senior vice president of Internet software and services Eddy Cue, Steve Jobs didn’t picture the iPad as an e-book reader. He actually didn’t want to enter the electronic book market at all.

After recent court cases regarding price fixing in the iBookstore, the company has come under fire for the store. However, during court on Thursday in New York City, Cue claimed that Jobs didn’t think that Apple should enter the e-book market, but Cue convinced Jobs that the iPad could be”the best e-reader the market has ever seen.”

Cue said that he outlined the benefits of entering the market to the late Apple CEO, and was given the ability to work on iBooks just months before the announcement of the iPad. Jobs approved the plan in November of 2009, and gave Cue a deadline of January 2010 to secure the rights to sell books on the iBookstore so Jobs could show off the new app during the iPad announcement. While Apple is certainly facing its fair share of controversy over the e-books lawsuit, it is hard to imagine the iPad without iBooks or as an e-book reader. I personally use my iPad mini for reading, and am certainly glad that Cue convinced Jobs that it was worth entering the market.

Do you use an iPad as an e-book reader? Would you be okay just using the Kindle or Nook apps, or are you glad that iBooks exists? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Source: CNET

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