Shazam includes new “Pulse” feature in update

Shazam Update

For music lovers, Shazam is one of the must-have apps. The app is famous for being able to listen to a song through the microphone of your device and telling you what song it is, the artist, and where you can buy it. Today, the company behind the popular app has given it an update, with some small updates, and a new “Pulse” feature.

In addition to small changes, like having a “settings” button in the top left of the home screen, Shazam has included a new feature, called “Pulse”. This feature allows users to discover new music and preview songs through trending charts. Unfortunately for me, clicking on the new Pulse button in the app caused the app to force close. I’m not sure if this is a problem that affects other users, but it could be a compatibility issue with iOS 7. If you’re interested in trying out the app, and the new feature (if it works for you), head on over to the App Store and download it for free. Also check out the full changelog below.

New in 6.0: Auto Tagging, available only on the iPad, can be toggled on/off on the home screen. Auto Tagging allows Shazam to recognise music and media around you automatically, but it can’t recognize what you’re saying.

New on iPhone in 6.1:
○ Shazam Pulse – Find fresh new music and preview from the trending real time charts
○ Friends – Smoother loading
○ New look tab bar:
-Settings is now located on the top left of the home screen
-When a Friend tags, they appear in the tab bar
-Chart updates are displayed in the tab bar

New on iPad in 6.1:
○ Easier to delete tags from Favorites, tap edit then select tags
○ Improved stability in Friends feed

New on iPhone and iPad in 6.1:
○ Shazam Pulse – Discover new music by sampling of what’s being tagged right now. To find it on your iPad, swipe right on the home screen. To find it on your iPhone swipe right in Discover.

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