Schematics for iPhone 5S and “iPhone Light” show case-makers’ expectations for next two Apple smartphones

It’s pretty much guaranteed that we’ll be seeing the iPhone 5S launch at some point a little later this year. However, one device that’s not been able to make its way from the rumor pit to reality yet is the long-awaited “budget iPhone”. This device is allegedly going to use less expensive parts and be made available for as little as $300 SIM-free. If rumors are true, it’s also expected to feature a more curved, plastic back and a 4-inch non-Retina display.

Today’s leaked schematics seem to show that accessory makers are indeed expecting the low-cost model to show up. Dubbed the “iPhone Light” it’s thicker, slightly taller and a little wider than the iPhone 5/5S. The drawings also indicate it will feature a longer 4-inch display and curved edges, but a flat back. This shape seems to match the case leak that showed up earlier in the week. Before getting too excited, it is worth mentioning that accessory manufacturers sometimes get information from sources which turns out to be incorrect, and doesn’t pan out. It doesn’t happen all the time, but it does happen.

iphone_5s_low_cost_design_frontMany an Apple fan has mocked the idea of a “cheaper” iPhone. But, with the iPhone 3GS on its way out, and Apple gradually phasing out 3.5″ displays, it could be seen as a positive sign that the company wants to standardize screen sizes again. When the iPhone 5S is released, the iPhone 4 will be discontinued, leaving the iPhone 4S as the only 3..5-inch option on the company’s shelves. Introducing another 3.5″ phone with a lower resolution display really makes no sense. However, releasing a 4-inch display with a lower resolution does.

iphone_5s_low_cost_design_bottomIf it turns out to be a real device, it’ll also mean the iPhone 4S will be the only iPhone out with a 30-pin connector. Would Apple ditch the 4S together and just have one low-cost iPhone plus the iPhone 5 and 5S? To me, that makes perfect logical sense. Getting rid of the old standard screen size and old connector in one fell swoop.


What do you think? Should it be done? I like the sound of that lineup. But, I could just be spouting nonsense. Tell me why I might be wrong in the comments.

Via: AppleInsider



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  • DrewPage

    Makes good sense to me, Cam, but historically, Apple has never hinted at producing a new, lower cost iPhone.  However, since so much has leaked about one, it could be true this time.  Cupertino did leak like a sieve about the iPhone 5 design, and much of it turned out to be true.

  • not much difference between the twoApple intends to enlarge its market share by imitating Samsung and touching all segments of the market, with iphone 5s at the high-end and iphone low-cost at the entry level

  • @DrewPage apple also said that they would never be interested in the smaller tablet market since theirs was the perfect size. We all know what happened later.

  • DrewPage

    @Abarber Good Point. Should be interesting.