Rumor: First new Mac Pro benchmarks appear online

13.06.19-Geekbench_Mac_ProWhile software was clearly the main focus of the WWDC 2013 opening keynote address, there was another star onstage: the brand new Mac Pro. The cylindrical computer is packed with all the latest components and boasts incredible performance as well as some innovative cooling technology. As is normal running up to a product release, a Geekbench score has been spotted of what appears to be a Mac Pro running Mavericks.

As noted by AppleInsider:

The purported Mac Pro popped up on Primate Labs’ Geekbench Browser on Wednesday, carrying model number “AAPLJ90,1” and an impressive hardware spec sheet, including the 12-core Intel Xeon E5-2697 clocked at 2.70GHz, and 64GB of speedy 1867 DDR3 RAM.

While it’s possible that it’s a doctored result, there are signs to confirm its validity. It’s running a currently unavailable version of OS X Mavericks, specifically build 13A2054. The identifier also features a code previously attributed to the Mac Pro.

Just in case your wondering how this compares to the current Mac Pro: It smokes it. The current top-spec version of the Mac Pro running two six-core Westmere family Xeon CPUs clocked at 3.06GHz managed a 32-bit score of 21,980. Now, if only I had thousands of pounds available at the end of this year to order of the new dark OS X powered trash cans.

Via: AppleInsider


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  • jamescharley22

    I thought OS X in all were 64-bit, or at least I’d expect the Mac Pro to be 64-bit.  And I believe it’s 1866 DDR3 RAM, not 1867.