Rumor: Apple files for ownership of ‘iWatch’ trademark in Russia


A report from Russian blog claims that Apple has filed for ownership of the ‘iWatch’ trademark in Russia. For brand name experts out there, it was filed in the International Classification of Goods and Services under classes 9 and 14. AppleInsider, however, did some digging and couldn’t find any confirmation or verification that any of the report was based on truth.

That said, it’s not surprising to not be able to find verification since big companies normally go through smaller shell corporations to acquire brand names. Reason being: if the company with the name registered finds out it’s Apple, they’ll more than likely increase the price exponentially. The most famous example is when Apple went through British company “IP Application Development Ltd” to gain rights to the name ‘iPad’ in China and other parts of Asia. (You may remember there being something of an issue between Proview and Apple regarding that purchase.)

As rumors go, this one’s a little sketchy. It’s not laugh-out-loud ridiculous, but the lack of any real confirmation from official sources is slightly disheartening.

What I will say is this: Apple has confirmed that it is “intensely interested” in the wearable technology industry. Plus, Tim Cook sees the wearable tech market being defined by wrist-worn gadgets, not glasses. So, put 2+2 together, get iWatch. At least, until 5 years or so has gone by and Apple hasn’t released anything bearing any resemblance to an iWatch.

Via: AppleInsider

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