Power users have some concerns about new Mac Pro

WWDC MacPro Comparison Feature

Just over a week ago, Apple made a surprise announcement at WWDC when it showed a sneak preview of its work in progress, the Mac Pro. The new cylindrical power desktop is focused at power users, and Macworld UK has talked to some power users about their excitement and some skepticism about the upcoming computer.

One of the biggest concerns among power users is the lack of expandable storage within the computer. User David Austerberry noted:

“If I upgrade, that spaghetti under the desk will be joined by more Thunderbolt spaghetti connecting to external storage. If I need to plug in an external drive to bring in video content, I can attempt to plug in at the back, but the chassis isn’t going to turn easily with all the cables plugged in. Some front connectors would have been dead handy!”

However, most users do not need expandable storage, and the storage included in the new Mac Pro is large enough for most users. When it comes to the positives, however, most users are excited about the introduction of the new CPUs and flash memory. These will both massively increase the speed of the computer, and will help power users quickly accomplish tasks.

Most users are excited about the advancements Apple has made with the new computer, and the internal specs of the computer. Many will also most likely like the idea of having a more compact unit that takes up much less space.

What do you think of the new Mac Pro? Will you purchase one?

Source: TUAW

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  • FFS you are REALLY looking for things to pick out. This is BS. Those new Mac Pros look A M A Z I N G and are brilliantly designed.
    I think you missed the “lets kick Apple in the teeth” bandwagon a couple of months ago. Things have clearly moved on since then, you clearly haven’t.

  • griffkoupal

     I don’t disagree with you. I like the looks of the new design, and I think it sounds great, but these are just some of the concerns voiced by people who use Mac Pros professionally. While they aren’t big enough issues to change their minds (probably), they are concerns that these power users have about the new computer.