PostOffice for iOS forwards iPhone notifications to Google Glass

Google Glass

Even though Google Glass is only available to developers and the few people that won Google’s Glass Explorer competition (unfortunately not me), the developer community for Google Glass compatible apps is already underway.

Because of Google’s dedication to openness on Android and the fact that Glass is based on the operating system, the potential for Google Glass is practically endless. Android users brag that the openness of their operating system allow for much more developer freedom, and fortunately for everyone (iOS users included), Glass is based on Android, meaning that developers that already have Glass are probably hard at work coming up with cool new features that Google hasn’t officially implemented.

For notifications, Google has released the MyGlass Companion app on the Google Play Store, and has promised that an app will be coming for iOS for consumers, although that app is still nonexistent. But for anyone with Google Glass, for example the winners of the Glass Explorer competition, that uses an iPhone, you aren’t out of luck when it comes to forwarding notifications to your new glasses. Thanks to the new jailbreak tweak named PostOffice in Cydia, iPhone users can now route all notifications through Google’s wearable technology. Once the free app is downloaded, the settings are accessible through the stock iOS settings app, and the user can then route notifications to Glass.

Google Glass is expected to be available for consumers beginning early next year, but unfortunately the price is still unknown. As an iPhone user, and a wannabe Google Glass owner, I am happy to see that developers are making sure that iOS isn’t left out of the Glass fun. Even though Google’s official app is coming to the App Store at some point, the priority will always be on Android, and I’m glad to know that developers will always be working to make sure that iPhone users always have the same functionality.

Source: Redmond Pie

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