Pegatron Chief: ‘Low-cost iPhone’ won’t be cheap


The ‘low-cost’ iPhone, otherwise known as the rumor that just won’t go away, isn’t about to be as cheap as many would like. Apple’s version of ‘cheap’ will match other manufacturers’. While many will be hoping Cupertino’s chiefs will unveil a super competitive low-end device, it’s more likely that the iPhone will be at the higher end of what’s classed as the mid-range device market. The opinion was given by T.H. Tung, CEO of Pegatron (one of Apple’s biggest manufacturing partners) and matches what we’d already heard a while back.

Currently the mid-range ($300-$400) sector of the market is being completely dominated by Samsung and is seen as the perfect opportunity for Apple to stamp its authority.

The iPhone is allegedly set to launch a little later this year with a focus on the emerging markets in China, Brazil and other South American and Asian nations. Feature-wise, it’s rumored to feature a 4-inch non-Retina display with a plastic back with slightly curved edges. We saw leaks of case manufacturers schematics yesterday alongside those of the iPhone 5S showing it to be thicker, wider and taller than the current iPhone and its purported successor.

Of course, all this is still speculation. We still have no confirmation that the device is real and on its way. But, with all the rumors gathering pace and increasing in frequency, it’s certainly worth considering the possibility.

Via: AppleInsider

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