Pebble app update with new features including “Discover Pebble” to find new watch faces

pebbleIf you are the owner, or soon-to-be owner of a Pebble smart watch, you will love the update that was just pushed to the iOS application, which is available via the App Store for free. Included in the update is a lot of stuff for new owners that deals with tutorials on how to set up your new Pebble, how to pair it via Bluetooth, etc. Also in the update is a screen to simulate receiving an iMessage/SMS text message and a phone call, so you can see what will appear on your Pebble’s screen in the event of one of those notifications. Here is the complete change log:

What’s New in Version 1.1

– Improved initial set-up of Pebble with a step-by-step walk through
– Added tutorials to help you pair with Pebble via Bluetooth
– Added screen to simulate receiving an SMS/iMessage notification or phone call
– Added the option to supress warnings for 3rd party applications
– Added “Discover Pebble”: a guide that highlights cool Pebble watchapps and other resources

As you can see in that last bullet, there is a new “Discover Pebble” option in the app that lets you see other watch faces and watchapps, as Pebble calls them, to get for your device. I wouldn’t mind owning a Pebble, however smart watches just aren’t what I wish they were yet. I currently use as a watch an iPod nano that I picked up cheap after the new one was announced, and use the Tik Tok case/wrist strap for it. If Apple doesn’t release the heavily rumored iWatch soon though, I may start looking to other options, as I am a huge proponent of wearable technology (I’m way too excited about Google Glass, as well). I also have a Nike+ FuelBand, just as another example of my love for wearable technology (watch for a review soon).

Get the app now on the App Store for free: Pebble.

What do you think? Do you own a Pebble? Will this make you pick one up? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: Pebble, App Store

  • Willyr

    Yes I do have a pebble and had it since it was first launched. I am frustrated at the slow coming of apps and missing some of the basic stuff like battery level.