New version of Final Cut Pro X coming to Mac later this year

Apple has confirmed that a new version of Final Cut Pro X will drop for Mac OS later this year.

According to Phil Schiller:

“The Final Cut Pro team is hard at work on a version of Final Cut Pro X that will support all the performance and graphic capabilities of this machine”



The new version has most likely been tailored to take advantage of the incredible new Mac Pro, which will support multiple 4K displays for an unrivalled movie-editing experience this side of Hollywood. Apple will have a tough time winning back skeptics alienated by the original Final Cut Pro X, which had a whole host of back-compatibility issues and missing features. However, if Apple’s latest offering has indeed been made in conjunction with the new Mac Pro, then the next Final Cut Pro X is sure to be an absolutely phenomenal piece of software.


Via: 9to5 Mac

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