New Mac Pro hands on round-up [video]

As you well know, Apple has given us a sneak peak of its brand new Mac Pro, which looks absolutely incredible.

Barely half the size of the old Mac Pro, and twice as powerful, this R2D2-esque creation is perhaps the most astounding product Apple has ever created. We’ve already got one close up video to show you, along with some photos!

The video from @slashgear shows the Mac Pro with its cover removed, in this rather protective glass tube. The device looks absolutely phenomenal, so check that out below!

Along with that, we’ve got some great photos coming out of, with some closeups of the brand new Mac Pro, take a look!

A big shoutout to iMore and @slashgear for posting these!

Cylindrical, shiny, exposed circuitry and a sleek design. The new Mac Pro breaks all the rules of desktop computer design. It packs a punch like Tyson, but held inside the framework of a very small trash can. That being said, rubbish is the last word you’ll hear used to describe this truly awesome and profound piece of engineering. ¬†What do you think of the new Mac Pro? Leave your comments below!



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  • RobertBurr

    Might be worth waiting for… it’s got my attention. By the time you load it up with max RAM, external RAID and add three 4k monitors, it will cost about $12,000, but that’s what we expect to pay for a super computer.