New iPhone concept imagines smaller, thinner next gen device with larger display [Video]

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It’s been a while since we saw a new iPhone concept, and so I couldn’t help but share this with you. Titled the ‘iPhone 5S’ concept, it’s not exactly the same as the current iPhone, but it bares enough resemblance to make them almost identical. The design (choice of colors) is very similar with an added (hideous) extra combining the silver with black. It was designed rather beautifully by Arthur Reis and made in to a video by our friend, Ran Avni.

The form factor is slightly different. It’s thinner than the iPhone 5, shorter and with thinner bezels and a smaller frame. It’s also got a new mute switch, and much better cameras on front and back (5MP and 12MP respectively.)  Perhaps the most welcome addition is a larger display, but from the looks of things, it’s not sticking with the current 16:9 screen ratio.

Now, I always feel concept posts should come with a warning: this is not what Apple is working on. How can I know that for certain? For one: leaked parts of internal components show a very similar internal makeup to the current iPhone, meaning it’s not changing size. Also, Apple would almost certainly not change the display’s ratio and size after just one generation at 4-inches.

That said, enjoy it as it should be enjoyed: an Apple fan re-imagining what an iPhone could look like if he had his way.

To see the full gallery head over to Arthur’s Flickr page.

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  • Ran Avni

    Thank you Cam:)

  • Tonybabo

    I like it!!!!! I have theory that the next phone will have a bigger display. That’s why we’re seeing live icons in the clock and now maybe the weather icon. Bigger phone with bigger battery to make up for extra battery drainage. On this concept I wonder wy the phone was shorter? That said I Love the concept.

  • KEVOzWorld

    I love this because it’s exactly what I wanted in the first place! Same smallish phone (not taller) with a WIDER SCREEN!!

  • djkhalid1234567890

    f apple