New Game Center app includes new features to stop cheating

Game Center

The previous iOS Game Center app icon.

While many of the app redesigns in iOS 7 seem like purely cosmetic changes by Apple, the company has decided to completely revamp its Game Center app and include many new features, including new features that help stop cheating in iOS games.

The company’s first change is to only accept signed score submissions, meaning that the app will block any scores it detects have been tampered with and changed. The company is also implementing changes to prevent spamming of leaderboards on the Game Center app, including allowing developers to set a top score allowed for their games to prevent unrealistic scores from appearing on the leaderboards.

Apple has also redesigned the leaderboards in the Game Center with new features such as the ability to allow up to 500 different leaderboards for their games (compared to the current 25 leaderboard limit), as well as allowing different categories, such as skill level, to differentiate the top scores.

Finally, in the redesigned Game Center app, the company has improved the “challenge” feature to allow users to challenge their friends to more specific challenges in games.

All of these improvements come on the heels of Apple’s announcement that it was hoping to help third-party manufacturers create game controllers for iOS. These changes show that the Cupertino company is really committed to the gaming community on iOS.

Source: 9to5Mac

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