More leaked iPhone 5S parts show up, indicate refined internal circuitry [gallery]

dock connector feature

As new product releases get nearer, the frequency of leaks tends to increase substantially. Normally they’re of internal components that give us a good idea of some of the changes Apple has in store. Since the next iPhone is 90% likely to be the 5S, the only thing that’ll really change is those internal components. Along with boosting the performance by adding a more powerful chip, Cupertino’s engineers are always looking to refine even the seemingly less important parts. I say less important because they are, to consumers. But, to manufacturers, Apple’s changes are usually made to make it easier to build or make it less prone to manufacturing misfortunes. When you have a device certain to sell by the million, the last thing you need is an internal makeup that’ll make even the most experienced production line worker sweat.

So, without further delay, here’s a gallery of some leaked parts of the next iPhone. (Or at least, that’s what they claim to be). The leaked parts in question are the loudspeaker and the dock connector+connected flex/circuitry.

What indicates that they’re genuine is the typical ‘Apple’ flavor changes. Check out the comparison below from

iphone5s-dock-908x899Everything is tidied up, but the overall makeup and design of the construction is clearly very similar. This is exactly why we believe they’re genuine. They don’t look like cheap knock-offs, they look refined, better constructed. The same can be said of the loudspeaker, also compared:



Obviously, there’s a chance that these aren’t genuine. But, from what I can see, it certainly doesn’t look that way. We’ll only know for sure when iFixit does its teardown in October time. But for now, I wouldn’t go expecting anything other than an iPhone 5S being added to the smartphone lineup this Fall. Until we see more evidence of a “budget” iPhone I won’t believe that’s guaranteed, and I’m certainly not going along with the speculation of larger screened iPhones.

Via: BGR


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