Leaked iPhone 5S taken apart shows little difference, dual-LED flash [Photos]

As I’m sure you’re aware by now, leaks of iPhone 5S have been on the increase over the past few months. Saying that, we’ve never seen the complete picture. We’ve seen individual pieces like the display assembly, and empty logic board and a couple of other components. Granted, we’re not expecting anything drastically different from the iPhone 5, but there are normally a couple of minute changes to the internals and some of the hardware.

MacRumors‘ latest supposed leak gives us a much clearer idea as to what the iPhone is made of. And, unsurprisingly, there’s very little new between the 6th and 7th generation handsets.

iPhone 5S interior

iPhone 5S interior

Inside the device sheds light on the leaks we’ve already seen and makes them a little more concrete. Connections and positions of components on the logic board are pretty much the same as the previously leaked images. What is worth noting is that the chip itself doesn’t bear the usual ‘AX’ branding, in fact, it only shows an Apple logo. If this is an early prototype or part of the early production testing, it’s conceivable that it just hasn’t been marked yet.

Another pointer towards it being an early prototype is the date code printed at the bottom of the main processing chip. ‘1234’ points either towards it being produced in the 43rd week of 2012, or just a generalized unofficial serial number.

As noted by MacRumors, the battery features a much more recent part number ‘616-0652’. The iPhone 5 – for instance – has been spotted bearing the numbers 616-0611 and 616-0613. Interestingly the battery also features a higher capacity of 5.92 Whr compared to 5.45 Whr on the iPhone 5. So, we can at least look forward to improved battery life.

iphone_5s_rearThe outside is very similar to the iPhone 5, with the most obvious difference being the LED flash on the top left corner. Instead of being circular, it’s pill shaped, pointing towards a dual-LED flash for the next generation of iPhones.

All in all, it’s the most complete picture of the next iPhone we’ve seen so far and we’re unlikely to get anything clearer and more definitive until the device is launched. We’re expecting it to land in late summer/early fall like last year and be the king of its own event. Public release of the 7th generation iPhone will also coincide with the launch of iOS 7 and perhaps that long-rumored iPhone Light/Budget iPhone.

Via: MacRumors


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