“Leaked” iPhone 5S parts emerge: Home Button, FaceTime camera and vibration motor [pics]

In the months running up to an Apple device launch, we’re used to seeing parts emerge from a variety of sources. Normally it’s online parts stores in the far reaches of Asia offering up components like Home Buttons, flexes, cameras, speakers and so on.

The latest leak comes courtesy of Letem Svetem Applem, a Czech Republic based Apple site. It claims that not only are these parts of the next iPhone, but also, that the 7th gen Apple smartphone will launch in the Czech Republic at the same time as the usual first phase countries like the US, UK, Japan, Germany and France (among others).

Whether or not these parts are the real deal won’t be confirmed until the iPhone 5S is launched, and gets the usual iFixit teardown treatment. It’s not entirely unlikely that these are real, they could be. We just can’t confirm it.

As the 5S becomes ever closer to being a reality, I expect we’ll see more leaks, and of more tell-tale parts like actual physical buttons, chassis and other externally visible pieces of hardware. Until then, keep ’em peeled, and if you spot anything that we don’t, be sure to hit us up on Twitter, or fire me an email: TiPEditor@TodaysiPhone.com.

Via: AppleInsider
Source: LetemSvetemApplem

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  • lean6rtj2

    Just switched from the Galaxy Note 2 to an S4…beautiful one-hand phone. The plan is to pick up a Note 3 in the Fall, but usually there’s a window for playing with an iPhone for a few weeks…likely at no cost because of the resale during the usual Apple launch shortage. I’m not going to go in if the iPhone is another paint job dud though. Should be interesting….