Leak: iPhone 5S display unit caught posing alongside iPhone 5 screen assembly


If there’s ever been a chance that one week in the year could be branded ‘International Week of iPhone leaks’, this is it. So far this week we’ve seen a couple of leaks. Firstly there was the bare logic board of the iPhone 5s, then later, the display assembly including a flex connector that appeared to fit that logic board. Now, yet another leak has cropped up, allegedly showing the iPhone 5S’ assembled display and front panel next to the same part of the iPhone 5. As we’d suspected from previous leaks, there’s little different about them apart from the aforementioned flex connector poking out at the top. It’s clear the two have differently orientated contacts.


What’s particularly exciting – to me – about these leaks is that it’s clear the iPhone 5S’ arrival is very near. Or at least, production is underway. The leaks themselves first showed up on FanaticFone.com, and are of remarkable quality. And, considering the parts pretty much match perfectly the earlier leaks, I wouldn’t doubt their validity. Now, it is possible that these are prototype parts. But, with the next generation iPhone set to land in a few months, it’s more likely that they’re parts put together during the trial production period before the full-scale assembly kicks off in July/August.

Via: FanaticFone


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  • poooOnYourIThing

    wow.  just… wow.  I cannot believe how much more awesomer the iPhone 5s is going to be.  just look at all the innovation oozing out of that entirely revolutionary design.  cannot wait to throw away my POS iPhone 5 and buy this amazing new device.

  • @poooOnYourIThing must feel good to know that you have nothing better to do than go onto a website that you already know you disagree with, just so you can bitch.