Is this iOS 7 for iPad? [Video]

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As I’m sure you know by now, the beta of iOS 7 is currently iPhone only. There have been a few leaks and/or mockups showing what iOS 7 on an iPad could look like, but nothing too strong. However, a video posted by Russian YouTube user Rozetked seems to show an iPad running a legitimate (albeit buggy) version of iOS 7!

Keep in mind that just because it looks legit doesn’t mean it is. That being said, everything from the lock screen, to the application opening and closing animations, to the Notification and Control Center redesigns seems to suggest that this is indeed an iPad-optimized version of iOS 7. There’s no word on how this developer managed to get his hands on this unreleased software.

Assuming this is the real deal, we can ascertain a few things and iOS 7 for iPad.  First of all, contrary to earlier speculation, Notification Center and Control Center will not take up the whole screen, though they do look wider than the Notification Center pulldown menu in iOS 6. Another cool design tweak is that, when in a scaled-down iPhone app on an iPad, the border around the app window seems to be a dimmed image of your home screen wallpaper. This is awesome, and it totally flows with the design language of the rest of iOS 7.

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Next, you’ll notice that multi-touch gestures that control things like going to the home screen are still present in the software, which is great news. You may have also seen that the LED Flash and Calculator functions are not present in the Control Center here, which makes sense considering those are iPhone-only features.

One thing to note is that the parallax wallpaper effect doesn’t seem to be working, which could indicate this video is a phony.

Personally, I can’t wait to get my iPad running iOS 7. What do you think – if this is real, are you pleased with what you see here? Sound off in the comments section below or on twitter @TiP_Jake.


Via: 9to5 Mac

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  • Justin_White

    omg the icons aren’t neon!!! i love it!!!!!

  • Robbie8800

    That’s a fake. You can see when it force crashes that the apple symbol has a line through it. Apple stopped that on ios 7

  • Alexander Carter

    Whoa…. Thats even cooler then ios 7.1