Is Apple throttling data speeds? One developer says ‘yes’

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For users of AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint in the US, this may come as disturbing news if you use an iPhone or iPad on one of those networks (note: this does not affect T-Mobile). According to Joseph Brown, the developer that has released hacks that can increase the speed on networks for iPhones, such as the one for Sprint released earlier today, Apple is throttling speeds on the three largest networks in the US. It is rumored that this is done to limit the stress on networks, because iOS users are known to use a lot of data, but Brown claims that the device is limited to 14.4 Mbps on HSDPA, even though the iPhone is capable of speeds up to 42.4 Mbps.

Below is a quote from Joseph Brown:

Here we can see what is quite obvious to, really, anyone at this point from being jerked around so much by carriers. Yes folks, this is throttling coding. When we made the AT&T Hacked Carrier Update, this was the first line of coding to be scrapped when the project started. Immediately, through my testing on an AT&T iPhone 5 and iPad 4th generation, there were significant and noticeable results. There is no arguing or disputing that this is clear evidence you are purposely, 24/7, being throttled, even if you haven’t used more data than your authorized to use or that you’ve purchased with your hard earned money.

According to Brown, the company behind the iPhone limits LTE on both AT&T and Verizon, CDMA on Verizon and Sprint, and HSPA+ on AT&T. It is not clear why the company has only throttled these three networks, and hasn’t targeted T-Mobile customers.

If this is true, are you upset with Apple? Is this something that would make you think twice before buying an Apple product? Do you think you should be told if your data is being throttled? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

Source: iClarified

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  • DarrenButz

    What about Virgin Mobile? I’m assuming it falls under Sprint.

  • Ibroken

    That is totally false my iPhone 5 on att has gotten 58mbps down before and I just tested and got 15 up and 16 down. Unless is inaccurate

  • dryver8

    How ridiculous,,apple would want the best experience possible for their customers, I’ve seen countless examples like listed above where people are getting 40+ Mbps on these networks

  • Kavok

    Yes this appears to be the case. When I first used Verizon LTE on my iPhone I was getting 60+ Mbps. Now after the iOS updates the same exact test is only 7.76 Mbps. Wifi is 34 Mbps as it should be for my Internet service. Very disappointing.

  • tdgenduo

    I just tested my iphone on AT&T and got 55.63 download.  This rumor is 100% false.  Anyone considering getting an iphone, dont listen to this rumor, it is a lie.