iPhone’s “Marimba” ringtone used in new song [Video]

A lot of people set their ringtones to their favorite songs, but have you ever thought about flipping that equation upside down? Hollywood-based band Mars Argo did. They took “Marimba,” the iPhone’s iconic ringtone, and used it as the foundation in their new song “Don’t Call Me.”

This is a novel idea and a cool way to pay homage to our favorite pocket computer, but boy oh boy is it a bad song. Back in 2007, the Marimba tone would make people turn and stare at the super cool, brand new iPhone. Now, however, it’s just as annoying as every other ringtone on the planet, and looping it behind some questionable vocals doesn’t seem like the best move in my opinion.

Also, is anyone else thinking that these guys may just have an Apple lawyer knocking on their door before long?

Take a listen and let me know what you think of “Don’t Call Me” in the comments section below or on twitter @TiP_Jake.

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  • andrewmin8

    Tpain did the same with one of his songs.

  • andrewmin8

    used in the song: Going Off – Tpain