iPad now available from Canadian carriers TELUS and Rogers

Canadian carriers TELUS and Rogers are now offering cellular version of the iPad 4 and the iPad mini direct, for use on their respective networks.

iPad mini feature

Up until now, cellular iPads in Canada had to acquired directly from Apple. Both carriers now allow users to buy either version of the cellular iPad on a separate, contract free data plan. TELUS is also offering sharing plans, which involve a small upfront fee. Rogers will allow customers to add the iPad to an already existing cellular plan, so there are pros and cons depending on which carrier you choose.

In a statement TELUS said:

TELUS is offering a number of simple data and payment plans providing its customers with the freedom and convenience to share data with family members across multiple devices on the same account. With the TELUS Easy Tablet program, customers can purchase their new tablet for a low upfront price and pay off the remaining balance over a set term in equal monthly payments.

It’s really awesome that Canadian customers now have the opportunity to purchase a cellular iPad direct from two of the countries major carriers. More importantly, competition between the two should ensure that either option will provide you with a competitive iPad plan. If its a shared plan your after, then TELUS is certainly the way to go. Otherwise, be sure to consider both options.

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