iOS 7 Preview: Siri’s Voice [VID]

Siri is no longer just a girls name thanks to iOS 7. Apple has now included the option to switch to a male voice, should users be so inclined. I personally think the male voice sounds a lot better than the robotic-sounding female voice. The manlier flavor of Siri comes off a lot more natural and, in my opinion, makes Siri seem smoother.

Now, aside from the new set of voices, there’s a lot to focus on behind the scenes. Siri in iOS 7 gained a lot of new tricks. A few of my favorites include the ability to read content from Twitter and being able to adjust settings like bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Siri’s new feature set fits right in with its existing capabilities, and I use them almost daily. Overall the digital assistant still holds a lot of potential and I believe it will develop to be  a larger part of the iOS experience in the years to come, but for now I’m happy to enjoy some new features and a new voice in iOS 7.

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  • MatteoRodrigo

    I like the Holo font on the Nexus better.  Im thinking about maybe switching to an Iphone cuz I already have a Mac but I still don’t see much that gets me excited to jump ships.  There are benefits for sure, esp having my photos automatically download onto my Mac and just the Apple Store support.  There are alot of features Id miss on my phone that I use daily.  Yes the customization and yes live widgets.  I have my news and weather on my phone always ready for a quick glance.  I have had toggle switches in my notifications forever along with 10 of my most used apps…so I have easy access from any screen for all of those.  I think what Id miss the most though is the Swiftkey Keyboard.  I really had hoped Apple would open up their keyboard.  For people who arent familiar, this keyboard learns from your typing and email, tweets, facebook posts, texts etc so that the more you use it, the better it gets at predicting your next word. (It also has swype-like capability but Google has that standard now on its Keyboard which anyone can download)…Swiftkey is the #1 app in like 30 countries or something so its pretty popular.  I show my friends this and some of the other features and they are amazed.  So I dont know.  I guess its what youre used to and what ecosystem you get trapped in.  I still have one foot in both – ironically, a good friend is in the opposite position where he uses an iPhone, uses a PC (cuz of work like many folks) but just bought a Samsung tablet because he didnt want to pay the expensive iPad price for what he was going to use a tablet for.  Its hard to get good objective information between iPHone and a Nexus phone because most people have picked sides or websites like this one favor one over the other.  At the Apple store, the employees cant even tell you what makes the iPhone special or better.  Several employees told me they use Androids.  Oops.

  • cajunscancook

    Siri could open applications in iOS 6