iOS 7 Preview: Safari [VID]

Apple has dominated the market when it comes to mobile web browsing for years now. So when Apple announced iOS 7 yesterday you know they wanted to keep things that way and only improve the web browsing experience on iOS. Now that I have been able to play with Safari for a little, I am confident in saying that iOS 7’s safari is a pleasant upgrade from iOS 6. Safari in iOS 7 has a new cleaner looking icon that maintains the Safari compass except much flatter and gloss-free.


The first thing you will notice when opening Safari is that the color of the browser is no longer that stale looking blue. It’s been replaced by white and fits in with the rest of iOS 7’s user interface. The second thing you will notice is that you no longer have a search bar and a URL bar. You only have one unified search and address bar. Making browsing much simpler and more intuitive. Exactly what Apple is always aiming to do.


Tab browsing is another area where in previous iterations of iOS, Safari lacked majorly. Safari tab browsing was limited and was a pain if you ask me. Now in iOS 7’s Safari you have no more limits and the semi-card style view you get when tab browsing is fantastic and allows you to quickly preview the other pages you were browsing on. In beta 1 I have had no actual issues with using several tabs, I have only had issues when trying to close them. It sometimes takes an extra second to close them but again it’s beta 1 so I am not too worried about it at this point.


The other features of Safari like sharing and bookmarks have all seen updates to match the iOS 7 UI and it all helps maintain the fluidity of the experience. The sharing icon has changed a little since iOS 6. The icon is now an arrow pointing up out of a square that when touched presents a menu filled with sharing options. You have the same old sharing options meaning your Facebook, Twitter, Mail and Message sharing is all right their for you and is a tap away. However you now also can take advantage of the new airdrop feature in iOS 7, so if you would like to share an image or article you found on the internet you can quickly share it with anyone nearby and has AirDrop enabled. You still have your other traditional options as well like bookmarking, adding to your reading list, adding the site to your home screen, copying, or printing.

One thing to mention about those options is the reading list icon. The icon has changed, it went from being a pair of square glass to circular. They look a lot like the glasses steve jobs wore,  I personally found it to be a nice touch.


It’s easy to say that you won’t be disappointed with your experience web browsing on your iOS device with the new version of safari in iOS 7.

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    I didn’t find myself “browsing” the Web on the iPhone…the way that it’s made more conducive in the ipad or in Android near-five and greater than five inch devices with desktop views. To me, browsing implies an exploratory and free experience interchangeable with the word “surfing”. iPhone Web use works for purposeful Internet usage. I’d be surprised if the experience really changes in iOS 7 very much without the iPhone form factor changing as well in future iPhone hardware.