iOS 7 Preview: Messages [VID]

If you’re anything like me, Messages is by far your most used application. Because of that, I was a bit apprehensive about the changes Apple made to the Messages app in iOS 7. However, after using the app, I’m happy to report that my worries were largely unfounded. That being said, there is certainly an adjustment period. In the same way that it took my eyes time to get used to the extra screen real estate ¬†on the iPhone 5, it’s slightly surprising to open the Messages app and be greeted with the super flat, brightly colored new bubbles.

One thing that I immediately loved in the Messages app was the gradient on sent messages depending on where they are on the screen. What I mean by this is that your most recent sent messages is a much darker blue (or green, if you’re not iMessaging) than messages sent earlier in the conversation. As you scroll through a thread, the sent messages get dark as they near the bottom of the screen, and lighter if they’re pushed back towards the top. In the end, it’s the little details like this that make this iOS redesign really shine.

Another cool little touch is the rubber banding effect as you scroll. Basically, message bubbles bounce a tiny bit depending on which way you scroll through a thread, making the experience much more fluid. All in all, the new messages app fits in perfectly with the aesthetics of the rest of iOS 7 so, if you like the rest of iOS 7, you’re likely to enjoy the tweaks Ive and his team brought to Messages.

Aside from the way it looks, though, Messages functions just as it always has. The controls are, for the most part, where they are in previous versions of iOS, and it’ll be super easy for users to make the transition to iOS 7.

What do you think of the iOS 7 messages application? Is there something about it you want to see in more detail? Let me know in the comments section below or on twitter @TiP_Jake.

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  • StephanChery

    Does have quick reply from anywhere?

  • W k

    What’s with the signal bars? Looks like circles?.

  • Guest911

    Thank you for posting all the cool updates. As a JB user, I am feeling a little left out of all the fun. I may never switch (who knows) but I like this stuff.

  • zachmurray199

    My messages wont work… only text messages… sent only by people with android blackberry etc…

  • I must be the only person that doesn’t understand what “flat” means. Everyone is using this term. A bit of explanation?

  • onemooresam

    Still lacks being able to mark a message as unread.

  • jabombardier

    @Abarber If you look at the icons and buttons and such in iOS 6, you can see that they have an embossed ( raised) effect. On iOS 7, that effect is gone. The effect is non glossy and matte with gradient to give off a less relieved look.

  • Sandie H

    My message is showing RS and A next to responses and the old messages in the thread have disappeared. Do you know what I did? I have a 4S with ios7