iOS 7: Initial bug reporting

It’s almost one day since developers got their hands on iOS 7.

The purpose of a Beta is to allow any software developer to iron out any bugs in the software, and iOS 7 is no exception.

From our collective TiP experience we’ve found a good number of issues in the initial Beta. We’re not here to complain, we totally understand that this is a Beta. Instead, we’re simply looking to gauge from our experience, and hopefully yours too, the sort of updates and patches we should be looking for as Apple rolls out Beta updates over the next few months.

One noticeable issue is Siri. Design wise, there are no issues. However Siri is currently achieving little in the way of productive searches or instructions. The new voices promised by Apple are yet to appear, and I’ve personally found the current voice occasionally encountering glitches. Siri also has a tendency to cut you off mid-sentence, before telling you that it couldn’t find any results on the non-topic that you didn’t manage to search because you weren’t given enough time to finish.

It appears that the Game Center is proving a little touchy about being moved around, although this comes from TiP_Cam, and isn’t a problem I’ve experienced personally. We’ve also noticed some wider issues with SpringBoard, which is prone to crashes.

The parallax effect designed to give your home screen some vibrancy and depth, whilst effective, isn’t as smooth as it could be. It’s got a tendency to jump a little, and just doesn’t feel polished.

The next status bar doesn’t always interact well with apps. On opening, it tends to appear as if transparent over the top of the app, before the black bar at the top of the screen actually appears. Also, the text sometimes tends to double up when exiting certain applications.

I’ve been having difficulty sending iMessages over Wi-Fi since the update, and the messaging app over all is proving to be a little temperamental, often struggling to switch between landscape and portrait views. When scrolling, messages also sometimes overlap.

Obviously, there were going to be app compatibility problems. The most significant one I’ve run into is Dropbox, which simply refuses to work on the iPhone.


I’ve also been getting this fairly glaring issue, whereby the left half of my Home Screen on my dock simply refuses to display my background. This is representative of most of the issues that I’ve been having. Really minor display issues and rendering problems. There’s very little smooth animation, with the iOS simply choosing to jump back and forth between the Home Screen, this is particularly evident when using multitasking.

Specifically on the iPhone 4S, I’ve seen a very noticeable drop in performance. With an older phone that’s to be expected, however I’m hopeful that with the first few updates software/hardware optimization begins to improve.

Notifications appear twice on your phone if you dismiss them from the notification center, which is a real pain, and we’ve also been getting a lot of lag on the camera app in HDR.

With a beta, this is no doubt the tip of the iceberg, which is where you come in. If you’ve spotted any bugs whilst operating iOS 7, or you know about any bugs through word of mouth etc., then we’d love it if you let us know, either in the comments below, or on Twitter.


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  • Rymcne

    The main issue I’m experiencing is that Siri will not confirm texts before sending over Bluetooth. Anyone else experiencing this?

  • streetlend

    Calendar month view is useless as there’s no indication of which days have events. Day view is useless as there’s no indication whether events are off-screen (I’m not going to scroll through each day!).
    Appalling use of space of the “Today” screen. Show me an icon for the weather (and preferably bring back the more useful and more compact data from iOS6 notifications screen). I don’t want a huge font and some prose giving me information that could be summarised in a couple of lines which include icons. 
    Some iOS app icons bevel up, some bevel down. Generally look childlike and inconsistent.

  • KJ Schumacher

    I have noticed that my battery life has gotten much worse. I have to constantly delete apps running in the background otherwise over the course of several hours my phone will nearly dead. There are other things too like apps crashing and my phone rebooting but that is all understandable. Also, the map feature in photos is gone as well as the tap to tweet and tap to post features in notification center are gone. Apple, please fix these issues!

  • GeeTNicoll

    Maps app crashes when asking for directions on uk ip5 other than that no problems except with a few apps ie imdb, eBay and some games.. Think the upswipe menu allowing quick access to Bluetooth on/off has been long overdue

  • SvenSkarie

    Mail loads all mail. Instead of limiting to past 100 messages like it did before. My phone mutes randomly and won’t play music through speaker / Bluetooth.

  • SvenSkarie

    Also keyboard sometimes won’t switch to numbers.

  • JordanTravis

    Phone crashed altogether at times.
    Music sometimes stops  playing and requires phone reboot.
    Safari tabs do not close at times.
    In messages, the recipient name and “sending” are jumbled together in one mess and will not resolve until messages is closed. 
    Wifi will sometimes fail, but will reconnect.

  • cjbeckstein

    Safari isn’t stable
    Pass code doesn’t always come on after being locked

  • cjbeckstein

    Keyboard typing to display is very slow

  • sukk1e

    1) Random freezes
    2) One time my phone went in lock mode but home button didnt worked so I needed to connect it to power plug
    3) Messages dissapear behind keyboard when you rotate (not all the time)
    4) Assistive touch sometimes dissapears so you need to turn it off/on again to get it back. 
    5) Text alignment ( text falling behind icons) in messages topbar and assistive touch menu

  • Juanita0000

    -When I am on instagram the pictures turn gray and some pictures get messed up with the others. The pictures appear under users that didn’t post them. The other problem with instagram is that every time I open the camara to take a picture or upload a picture it simply crashes and instantly takes me back to the home page.
    – Phone shuts down or simply crashes constantly.
    – They battery lasts about 40% or less of what it last before.
    – When I search in google I can’t see what I’m writing because the space where Ia m suposed to write goes to the top.
    – I message gets all mixed up at the top with the name of the person who I am talking to and with the word “messages”

  • cheesenbroccoli

    MOBILE NETWORK. thats the biggest issue ive had besides the random resprings and skype crashing. but my phone will show 3g but when i try loading google it will say cannot connect. but when im in LTE it will load beautifully and when it shows the 1x (or known as the “o”) it will connect but it will take about a minute just to load google. and ive downgraded to 6.1.4 and im still having the same issue even after i downgraded.

  • alien4434

    bejeweled cannot play at all?!

  • Clock app wont’ let me chose a song for my alarm? Any help? iPod 5 user here? Other than that iOS 7 is perfff

  • IraBenko

    @heyitskatrinaaa  SAMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • Ekka1337

    I has just test ios 7 beta 3 and i just find à bug with Spotify when you try to change volume Spotify Close Downs

  • ByronBmannWilson

    I cant Recieve Calls… Other then that. Its alright, but it defeats the purpose of having a Phone..
    iPhone 5 Model A1429
    iOS 7 Beta 3

  • eMac_1984

    @Ekka1337 that’s not an ios 7 bug. That’s an app not updated for ios 7 yet.

  • eMac_1984

    @sukk1e when the phone locks up just do a hard restart. Hold home and power until you see the apple. Up to 20 seconds. No need to plug in.

  • alextezanos

    On spanish language autocorrection is wrong, changing the word “he” to “eh” when doing a sentence with it, for example, “he dicho” it autocorrects to “eh dicho” which is wrong

  • Deliziosa

    @Ekka1337 I am testing iOS 7 beta 3 everything works fine except Siri crashes

  • Lilyheyitsme

    I can’t play any music not video from my library, it keeps shuffling.

  • Zeonox

    Summary: When using a SIM card from an AT&T MVNO (Straight Talk, Net10, Red Dot, H20, PagePlus, Air Voice, Pure Talk) iOS automatically loads the AT&T carrier profile and blocks access to the Cellular Data Network menu in without regard for the fact that these MVNOs do not use the same APN settings as AT&T. This happens on every iPhone with a sim card slot, even if the iPhone is factory unlocked or was purchased in the UK.
    Steps to Reproduce:
    1) Insert AT&T version of a sim card from Straight Talk, Net10, Red Dot, H20, PagePlus, Air Voice, or Pure Talk.
    2) Attempt to input the correct APN settings to enable that networks data access capabilities by going to Settings > General > Cellular > Cellular Data Network
    3) Notice that the Cellular Data Network menu does not appear
    Expected Results: If the phone is unlocked, the cellular data network menu should appear so that the user can input the correct settings for their desired network
    Actual Results: The cellular data network does not appear and the user is unable to input the correct settings for their Data APN, or MMS APN due to the carrier entitlements set by the incorrectly loaded AT&T carrier profile
    Regression: This happens on all iPhones, regardless of their OS version.
    Notes: If a device is unlocked (especially from the factory), it is not tied to a carrier, yet the purchaser of the iPhone is prevented from inputting the correct Data and MMS APN settings because the incorrect carrier profile is being loaded (The user is using an MVNO that rides on the AT&T network, not AT&T itself). An unlocked device should load the generic carrier profile 100% of the time so that the user who paid $649+ for their device actually receives what they paid for, which is a device that is not tied to a carrier or the “entitlements” they reap over those who purchased the phone with a subsidy.
    This is a BUG in the software of iOS because it loads the incorrect carrier profile on an unlocked phone and prevents the user from correcting the issue by blocking access to the cellular data network menu.

  • smansuri

    I have a different lock screen wallpaper and home screen wallpaper. When I swipe to unlock and quickly swipe back, the wall paper is changed to the home screen wall paper. A bug on IOS 7.

  • Shelley Miller

    Since updating my mini iPad to the new ios7 update my Bluetooth keyboard won’t work anymore even though I took the device off and added it back. What can I do to make it work? :(

  • Shintaapple

    Some images doesn’t save in the photos sections, when attempting to change the wallpaper the screen is frozen, I cannt evn change the scale of the pic then a crash follows

  • Spacedace

    I’m having issues with the responsivness of the keyboard. It takes about thirty seconds for one letter to appear. It took over five minutes to type this message, with lots of errors. PLEASE HELP!!,,

  • J7

    …. I am also having issues with slide to reply to a txt.. Sometimes it will slide half way and drag the rest of my screen along and force me to put in my passcode to unlock.. Major bug, i hope an update fixes this soon

  • Anitaj83

    Ever since I have updated to ios 7 my phone keeps cutting off half way through a conversation and people have started thinking I’m hanging up, I have never had this problem before and I have started becoming annoyed. Can this problem be fixed?

  • Ron Sitka

    Same problem on my iPhone 5 with iOS7.  Tried to pick a new wallpaper.  It says move and scale but this does not work.  Goes right back to some pre-selected scale.

  • Ron Sitka

    Me to.  With the old system, you could close and turn OFF all the apps by double clicking the start button.  Can;t do that with iOS7.

  • tonymelo530

    Ok, 4s here…. Very spotty performance and slow. Likes to freeze for 15-20 seconds then go to home screen, when using any app. Typing, like I am right now, slow and sluggish… I am very unhappy. I feel like apple pulls this crap on purpose, to get people to upgrade to the 5 or 5s. The only upgrade I’ll do, is go to the galaxy s4. Apple can kiss my behind. I’ve used a galaxy s3, with its latest update, still performs smoothly. I’m sorry, if Apple doesn’t fix this garbage soon, I’ll be an apple user no more. I will not upgrade to the 5 or 5s. I wish I didn’t do the update, I liked my phone before this travesty….

  • tonymelo530

    I just realized that all the people here were talking about the beta! Apple apparently didn’t fix any problems with the beta and released this junk on the public as is…. I think I’m done with Apple…..

  • dominic

    hi there since i updated my iPhone 5s to latest iOS 7.1,,I’ve noticed that mms configuration settings hav disappeared ,,,settings,,,cellular,,cellular data network,,no mms setting to configure