iOS 7 doesn’t like non-certified Lightning cables


Creating accessories for iDevices can be something of a challenge. Do manufacturers spend time and money making sure they get Apple’s stamp of approval, and be given official connectors or just get hold of cheap copies? If you’ve ever wondered why some accessories have the “Made for iPhone” label and others don’t, that’s precisely the reason. If they’ve gone through Apple directly, waited ages for approval and got hold of the connectors, they get to use the logo. If they haven’t, they don’t.

Until iOS 7, devices never picked up on the difference between “Made for iPhone” accessories and unauthorized ones. Now – however – they do. If you plug in a cheap, non-certified Lightning cable/dock, you’ll get a popup on your screen telling you it’s not certified and “may not work reliably”. Is it Apple looking out for its customers, or just being as controlling as ever? I guess it’s a little of both.

Via: 9to5Mac

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  • xSeandroid

    If you think this is Apple trying to grab money you’re nuts. It still lets you use the cable, and lets the user know it might screw up their phone.