Hidden settings in iOS 7 indicate Apple is working on new gestures, nested folders and a lot more…


If you were impressed by iOS 7 launch at WWDC 2013, and its new features and designs, prepare to be amazed further. A sleuthy iOS developer named Hamza Sood managed to get access to a hidden area of settings which essentially looks like an official iOS version of the Springtomize jailbreak tweak. Within these settings is the ability to change gesture controls for a variety of apps and features. It gives complete Springboard control: changing animations between apps and even adds nested folders (placing folders within folders).

9to5Mac got together with Hamza to create the overview video below:

Although none of these features made it (so far) in to iOS 7, it’s great to know that Apple is playing with these ideas, and still working on new and better ways to interact with iOS and the apps. I’m keen to see if any of the controls shown make their way in to a final version of iOS 7, or perhaps just the iPhone 5S. Sliding between running apps to quickly switch between them sounds like a great idea, and could be implemented with these options.

Via: 9to5Mac

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  • Steve Maverick

    This is just Beta settings that Apple Only Employee’s use to “fine tune” iOS 7. It just so happened to be uncovered by a developer & made public.

  • Iphone Watcher

    @Steve Maverick yes but apples simplicity is starting to become too simple. One key thing people like in there phones is customization, and with the iphone we’ve never been able to do that. It is just the same boring thing being updated and updated to be just as simple, but with a different look that you can’t even customize yourself

  • Iphone Watcher

    It would really be nice if that was added into the iphone, it would be one of its key features because it just about gives you as much possible customization you can do, and it would also give people a reason to not jailbreak.