Thorough compatibility chart shows which iOS 7 features will work on your iDevice [Image]

iOS-7-Comparison-Chart-definitivo-1If you’ve been wondering what your iPhone 4, or your iPhone 4S, or any other “legacy” device will be missing once you hit the update button to iOS 7, you can rest assured knowing someone else has done the hard word for you and put a lovely chart together, demonstrating all the new features coming in iOS 7 and what your device will or won’t get. Camillo Miller over at The Apple Lounge put together the above chart (click to see full size) showing you what devices will be getting Control Center, Panorama, Filters (in Camera and Photos), multitasking updates, the new Notification Center, AirDrop, and iTunes Radio. Obviously, Apple has a track record of leaving out some of the newer features on older devices, however in this update, there aren’t all that many features that are left out. You can check out the full chart by clicking on the image above.

What do you think? Any features that you aren’t getting that you think you should? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: Cult of Mac, The Apple Lounge


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  • 559yovani

    my iphone 4 doesn’t have the parallax effect or the blur and my dock is grey so hopefully the new betas fixed that but idc as much because im just going to wait for the iPhone and get all the nice featurees for it but htc one seems nice but i dont want to feel bad when the new android get the snapdragon 800

  • Will Siri move to the 4?

  • 559yovani

    @Abarber no siri is an api that the 4 will never get