Goodbye Jennifer, and good luck!

565c3983af9c9d522160ee30fab0f503Back in the year TiP first started, in the early months of 2010, our team was made up a huge number of contributors. In those days Adriana Lee was in charge, and Jennifer Beese joined initially to cover female lifestyle-type stories. Things changed, and almost all of the original crew left. The only ones left – up until today – were myself and Jennifer Beese.

For the past couple of years she’s been our resident app reviewer, and has worked her socks off balancing a busy college schedule with other commitments. What I love most is that she often gave independent and lesser known developers the spotlight to get their great programs some needed and deserved press. Approaching her app review schedule with diligence, passion and a lot of insight, they’ve always provided a much needed edge to our site. Incredibly, it was all with little input or management from myself.

Sadly, the time came for Jennifer to “hang up her iPhone”, and today’s published review will be her last on TiP.

Jennifer will be missed by our team and readers alike, I’m sure. It goes without saying that myself, and the rest of the TiP crew wish her well for the future.

If you want to keep in touch with her, follow her on twitter: @bottlethecrazy, to see what she gets up to next.

  • AdrianAcevedo

    You will be missed :(

  • pld940

    I like TIP , but I must ask you/PhoneDog a question. How does TechnoBuffalo steal your people? Do they offer them more, or what? I understand business is business and even though I favor TB a lot more, I think it’s unfair.

  • @AdrianAcevedo Thanks Adrian!